Rathfinny English Sparkling wine offer a taste of luxury, perfect for celebrations and gifting.  

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Traditional Method English Sparkling Wine

At Rathfinny, we have handcrafted four vintage, low-intervention, Traditional Method English sparkling wine – a Blanc de Noirs, Blanc de Blancs, Rosé and Classic Cuvée. Despite their different styles, each wine is an expression of our Sussex location, boasting a low sugar content, autolytic notes from maturation on lees and a notable presence of our house-style Pinot Noir within the blend (except the Chardonnay-based Blanc de Blancs).

All of our English sparkling wine, crafted in Sussex, are available to order online for delivery in the UK.

“All our wines are vintage wines, and they express the characteristics of the year. We’re fortunate to be on a single-site and we can control our yields to ensure that we’re only picking fruit with a perfect balance of flavours, sugars and acidity to produce our English sparkling wine.” Sarah Driver, Co-Founder


Sustainable English Sparkling Wine

Sustainability is at the heart of Rathfinny, passionately led by our co-founder, Sarah Driver. From our hands-on, chemical-free viticulture practices and low-intervention winemaking philosophy, to choosing to hire a local workforce and investing in conservation work on our Estate; we always consider our wider impact on the environment, community, customers and our team.

A few points that are good to know when you order from us:

  • Our winery is self-sufficient in water and powered by solar energy.
  • The process from planting vines to bottling and cellaring the wines is all carried out on our single-site estate.
  • We use recyclable packaging made from 70% recycled material.
Rathfinny Wine Estate

Unique Terroir

We define terroir as a combination of the weather, soil and the people. In other words, the environment in which the grapes are grown. The shallow but fertile, clay loam soils over chalk are free draining and perfect for growing sparkling wine grapes. Chalk provides a ready source of water for the vines during the drier summer months, the warm semi-continental climate and long summer days ensure perfect ripening, and the proximity to the sea helps mitigate frost risk in late spring months, a major problem in cooler climate vineyards in Northern Europe.

“You couldn’t really ask for a better location than this for growing sparkling wine grapes. The soil, the climate, the geography – they are all perfect.” Cameron Roucher, Vineyard Manager


Order from our Cellar to your Door

The benefit of purchasing our English sparkling wine from us directly means they arrive at your door in the perfect condition as they have been carefully stored in our temperature-controlled cellar. For birthdays, anniversaries, weddings and other celebrations, choose a gift box for extra special presentation. Delivery is complimentary on orders over £100, or visit us and collect your wine free of charge and take a look around the vineyard whilst you’re here.