Seven Sisters 2017 Brandy



Seven Sisters 2017 Brandy is a single estate, double-distilled Brandy crafted from five grape varieties grown at Rathfinny Wine Estate – Pinot Noir, Chardonnay, Pinot Meunier, Pinot Blanc and Pinot Gris. Aged for five years in French oak and reconditioned Bourbon barrels. Only 431 bottles available.

Brandy and Glass

Tasting Notes

A delicate nose of caramelised pears and apple compote gives way to butterscotch drizzled apricots on the palate, with a silky-smooth crème brûlée finish.

Enjoy on its own, or as a lighter aperitif over ice.

Oak Barrel

Vintage Spirits

Every bottle is a vintage and rare in its own right. All the grapes come from just one year’s harvest expressing the unique flavours and spirit of that year. This Brandy was made from the 2017 vintage, distilled in 2018 and bottled unfiltered in July 2023.

Rathfinny Estate Landscape July

Crafted on the Rathfinny Estate

The distinctive chalk terrain of the Rathfinny Estate plays a crucial role in shaping our flavour profile, thanks to the meticulous work of our Vineyard team in ensuring grapes achieve ideal ripeness, striking the perfect balance between acidity and sugars.

Grapes going into Press

Sustainable Winemaking

The hand-harvested grapes are delivered to our Winery, with the first two pressings combined to craft our renowned Sussex Sparkling wines. The third pressing, known as the Rebêche, forms the foundation for our Seven Sisters spirits range. This is a great initiative to prevent wastage which is important from a sustainability perspective.

Seven Sisters Cliffs

About Seven Sisters Spirits

The Seven Sisters portfolio of grape-based spirits is nurtured on the Rathfinny Estate which is located just 7 miles from the iconic Seven Sisters Country Park. Our close proximity to the coast is what sets our Vineyard apart as we benefit from the semi-continental maritime climate that provides protection from frost.

The Seven Sisters team expertly blends grape spirit from each year’s harvest into a limited quantity of Gin, Vermouth, Brandy and a unique Grape Spirit No. 1.

As a B Corp, we use sustainable viticultural and winemaking methods to ensure our environment continues to thrive for generations to come.