Sussex Cocktail Box



Whether you love a classic Martini or bittersweet Negroni, our Seven Sisters Cocktail Box provides the finest Sussex spirits to make your favourite concoctions at home. Perfect for gifting or enjoying a special night in.

The Sussex Cocktail Box Includes…

Our Cocktail Treat Box contains one bottle of Seven Sisters Vermouth and Gin, Cambrook Cocktail Hour Nuts, Only Coco Orange Milk Chocolate Bar – 43.5% Venezuelan, Parmesan, Toasted Pine Nuts & Basil flavoured Drinks Biscuits and Perelló pitted Queen Olives.

Seven Sisters Cliffs

About Seven Sisters Spirits

The Seven Sisters portfolio of grape-based spirits is nurtured in the Rathfinny Estate, nestled in the South Downs in East Sussex. The Seven Sisters team expertly blend grape spirits from each year’s harvest into a limited quantity of gin, vermouth, brandy and a unique Grape Spirit No. 1.

Seven Sisters Cocktails

Online Exclusive

Our Seven Sisters spirits are usually only available from our Cellar Door shop on our Wine Estate and a select few Sussex-based pubs and restaurants so we’re delighted to offer the Cocktail Treat Box as an online exclusive, just for you.

Sussex Martini Recipe

Seven Sisters Gin
Seven Sisters Dry White Vermouth
Water that melts from the ice

Prepare your Glass
Place your martini glass in the freezer till ice cold. (If youdon’t have the time, simply fill your empty glass with ice before making the martini and pour it out just before you pour the martini in.)

Mix the Drink

  • We recommend a ratio of 6 Gin to 1 Vermouth.
  • Pour your ice into a mixing glass then strain to get rid of any water and small shards of ice. (Bigger cubes of ice are better as they dilute more slowly).
  • Pour in your Gin and Vermouth and start stirring. Stirring helps melt some of the water to combine the Vermouth and the Gin. It’s one of those things that you just get a feel for, like cooking a steak, do it enough times you just know when to take it off the heat.

Top Tip

Once the drink is really cold, use a straw like a pipette or use your bar spoon to put a drop on your hand and try it. You shouldn’t be able to separately taste the bitterness of the Vermouth and the sharp edge of the alcohol of the Gin. If you can, keep stirring and keep trying. Until the flavours combine into one.