Week in the Life of a Junior Creative

Words by Harry

My journey into the wine world was a little different to most. I started cycling more in lockdown and came across a new provisions store that had recently opened close to my family home. I used to go for a mid-ride coffee and pastry but after a few visits they introduced me to the wine they sold. So I picked up the odd bottle – lucky none were ever smashed on the way home! But this is how I became interested in wine and after being made redundant as a graphic designer for a homeware company during the pandemic, I saw this role come up and decided to apply. I can safely say I have now learnt much more about wine from some very knowledgeable people!


The marketing team are working in London, lots of catching up on a wide range of projects and a handful of emails. Not too exciting but it ended with a short run with my girlfriend and an early night.


Back in the city but over in east London today, as we have a shoot with Great British Chefs this afternoon for an exciting new campaign, but first, coffee. I head to Jolean on Redchurch Street for the best pan au chocolate (in my opinion) in London. The Great British Chef recipes will be released soon so keep an eye out for these. I can confirm the beef dish that John Chantarasak has created is delicious and goes very well with the Blanc de Noirs., I will definitely be trying to recreate this when it comes out!

Harry's Coffee and Pastry
Harry's Iced Coffee


An early start to get to Townsend Restaurant in Whitechapel Gallery for 8am our next Great British Chefs shoot. Today, we were shooting the Classic Cuvée with a trout dish. It looked delicious but I was unsure if a forkful of trout at 8:30 was a good idea! After the shoot, I worked in a little café in Central before heading home. I spent most of the afternoon getting assets ready for Pinot Noir day. As we are a Pinot Noir-dominant vineyard, we couldn’t let this day pass us by!

Chris Shaw Steamed Trout Prep
Working in a Coffee Shop


Started with a run and lots of puddle-dodging after Wednesday’s rain, then back to my desk to start work. Another busy day with lots of prep for the shoot we have on Friday but a big part of today was finalising our staff newsletter. This is really important as it it shared with every member of the team and keeps everyone in the loop with the latest news.


I headed down the Vineyard. This is one of the highlights of my week as there is always something new going on. These are very early starts so I normally have a big cup of coffee in the car and then get to the Estate just after 8am so I can go for a nice long walk before work. It’s always interesting to see how the vines are doing and chat to some of the people who are working on the Vineyard. But there was more excitement to my Friday as we had a photographer down to shoot the small plates from The Hut Barbecue Weekend as our Harvest Restaurant will have a similar menu, and I am very excited for this as it was all delicious and so nice to see another food offering on the estate.

The Hut BBQ Weekend
Harvest Small Plate Flat Lay

The Weekend

My girlfriend and I decided to stay local to the Estate on Friday night to make the most of the nice weather and escape the city for a night. We went for a run around Arlington Reservoir in the morning then headed for some breakfast before going back to her family home in Cambridge for the weekend. We spend the afternoon sitting in the sun watching the cricket where there might have been a beer or two enjoyed.

Sunday is normally a long run day for me but after a pretty busy week, we decided just to do a loop around Cambridge and finish with a coffee and a pastry. Is there a better way to start a Sunday?