Sparkling Celebrations.

Words by Mark

There is always something really special about a Magnum. It screams celebration, not only do they contain the perfect measure to share with friends or family – one bottle serves 12 glasses – they also provide theatre to any evening.

Maturing wine in a bigger bottle produces a different wine. We allow our wines to age for longer in the magnum bottle so they develop richer and more complex flavours, colours and aromas, but the wines still retain that freshness and vitality that you want in a vintage sparkling wine.

The science behind this is fascinating. You have roughly the same amount of air trapped between the wine and cork in a standard and magnum bottle, called “ullage”. Over time, air passes through the cork allowing the wine to age, but a magnum has twice the volume of wine – 150cl versus 75cl in a standard bottle – so twice the amount of wine is exposed to the same amount of oxygen. Hence why the wine ages at a slower pace.

Personally, I love our Rosé in a magnum format – it’s so expressive: with all those rich, red fruit flavours of wild strawberries, raspberries and red cherries. It’s drinking beautifully now, but we know that as a magnum it will still be fresh and expressive in two years’ time, just a little more complex. As for pairing with food, it’s such a versatile wine and can be easily drunk throughout the meal. The dominance of Pinot Noir pairs sublimely with white meat and lamb, as well as panna cotta or a winter berry roulade. Sparkling Rosé is my go-to celebratory wine!

Magnums are the best wines to serve at any celebration such as New Year’s Eve and they also make the perfect gift. So, get the cameras out, “Instagram ready” and crack open a Magnum at your next event!