When we first established Rathfinny back in 2010, it was always a Blanc de Noirs that we dreamed of producing. We knew that the exceptional natural landscape of the Rathfinny Wine Estate would lend itself perfectly to the cultivation of Pinot Noir grapes and 14 years later, it has become our signature Sussex Sparkling wine.

In this blog we’ll explore how our Blanc de Noirs is carefully crafted, how to taste it and the perfect food pairings.

How is Blanc de Noirs Made?

When you see Blanc de Noirs on a wine label, you know that it’s white wine made from red grapes (blanc meaning white in French, and noirs meaning black, or in this case, dark). Blanc De Noirs is made predominantly with Pinot Noir grapes, and we blend it with a smaller quantity of Pinot Meunier.

If you find yourself wondering why the liquid produced by these dark grapes isn’t red or even rosé in colour, let us explain: it is the clear juice of the grapes that it used. By separating the skins and the juice, a beautiful white wine, with a rose gold hue, is pressed. Visually, a good Blanc de Noirs should exhibit a golden colour, with fine, consistent bubbles.

Time in bottle is also an important part of Blanc de Noirs production; our 2019 vintage has been aged for 36 months to allow it develop its exquisite flavour.

The beauty of Blanc de Noirs is that there is enough depth to ensure it pairs excellently with food, but it’s also profoundly drinkable on its own.

What are the Tasting Notes of Blanc de Noirs?

If there’s one thing that is sure to strike you about our 2019 Blanc de Noir, it’s the fruitiness. On the nose, you can enjoy sweet Russet apples, followed by a rounded palate that evokes strawberries, raspberries, redcurrants and cherries. This is followed by a long finish that strikes a delicate balance between citrus, saline and plum. There’s a sharp and clean acidity too.

Rathfinny Blanc de Noirs 2019
Le Gavroche were one of the first London restaurants to sell our Blanc de Noirs
John's Beef Serloin with Rathfinny 2018 Blanc de Noirs
2018 Blanc de Noirs paired with beef sirloin

Food Pairings for Blanc de Noirs

Such a full-bodied wine complements fine, rich foods, pairing exquisitely with the likes of ham, lamb, beef tartare, charcuterie, roasted duck and aged cheese. The acidity and sharpness cuts through any fat, whilst the fruity notes bring out the best in the rich meats.

That being said, and certainly as we move towards the summer, it can be enjoyed just as well with a bowl of strawberries and cream, which is a testament to this exceptional English Sparkling wine’s versatility.

Find the Finest Sussex Blanc de Noirs at Rathfinny

Released in 2023, our latest 2019 vintage is crafted from 81% Pinot Noir and 19% Pinot Meunier. Rathfinny’s Blanc de Noirs is available to buy from our online shop and Cellar Door but due to a limited production and allocation to the trade, only three bottles per customer are permitted.