1. The Rathfinny Estate (the Estate) encourages staff to car share. This is outlined in the staff handbook and at inductions, and encouraged by the provision of dedicated car parking spaces for car sharers as shown on the Estate plan. The numbers of staff participating in this scheme is monitored. For employees who travel to work by train, and a car share pick-up point is not possible, Rathfinny will offer to collect employees in an appropriate vehicle such as a minibus.
  2. The Estate make arrangements that all deliveries (goods and supplies), where practicable, use a single distributer to limit movements. All deliveries are by appointment only. Supplier lists and movements will be monitored annually and should they exceed 516 per year, a review will be triggered.
  3. The Estate refuse collection and recycling is carried out under contract and completed in one visit, from a designated collection point, as shown on the plan. Contractor movements will be monitored and reviewed annually.
  4. In recognition of the educational influence of the Estate, where practical, agreed access is to be made by bus or coach to minimise individual vehicle movements for large groups (schools, local interest groups, further education visits etc). Visits to the Estate will be monitored and reviewed annually.
  5. The Estate will continue to provide loans to promote the Cycle scheme to all staff as an alternative mode of transport. Numbers on the scheme are monitored and reviewed annually.

To reduce congestion and traffic in the village of Alfriston and promote tranquillity:

  1. All HGV deliveries will be recorded and Estate signage requests that all HGVs must exit (right) south via Seaford.
  2. All companies using HGVs travelling to Rathfinny to be sent a map showing access via Seaford and the Estate Transport Plan. This will be monitored and reviewed annually. All known HGV movements north will be noted and all violations will be taken up with the delivery company concerned.
  3. Visitors to the Estate are provided with details of alternative modes of transport and access e.g. train, bus, cycle and pedestrian access prior to booking. Bicycle racks are provided for visitors and as an incentive the Estate will provide free delivery of any wine purchased by the individual to a UK mainland address, if they arrive by an alternative mode of transport.
  4. The Estate Transport Plan is promoted via the website and printed material wherever possible.

To promote recreation and tourism on the Estate and the South Downs:

  1. The Estate will undertake maintenance of the permissive Rathfinny Trail which links with local designated rights of way to allow access by foot on to the Estate.
  2. When open, facilities will be available at The Flint Barns for members of the public to use who wish to explore this area of the South Downs, as long as this is not to the detriment of the use of the facilities by seasonal workers or other user groups. Parking will be in designated places marked on the Estate Plan.

Expected traffic movements:

  1. The Project Centre Transport Report will be monitored and recorded traffic movements will be reviewed annually.
  2. Any update reflecting increases above the expected traffic movements, or the triggers for review identified in the plan will be submitted to the Local Planning Authority.
  3. Rathfinny Wine Estate is a working vineyard and arable farm and all traffic movements will be closely monitored to ensure the safe movement of people and vehicles.