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Time flies when…

This wonderful bumble bee has totally the right idea – found itself the largest sunflower adorning our wildbird seed headlands and is having a big fat snack.  So many things have been happening on the Estate over the past few weeks, it’s been difficult to catch your breath.  During all this, our grapes have been basking in the September sun and the sugar levels have been slowly rising in preparation for harvest.

As well as dining bumble bees on the Estate we have had some rather special guests using the Rathfinny Trail this month.  Clare Balding walked through our Estate to view our medieval barn (now the Flint Barns) and she was joined by Dr June Goodfield from Alfriston.  June and Clare were on a much longer ramble looking at key historical sites and discussing a new project which will celebrate the South Downs National Park.  This project is in the form of a book of poetry which follows Eleanor Farjeons ‘A Sussex Alphabet’ with support from school children and U3A students.


The lady herself casting her eye towards the sea, while still being able to comment on our arable stubble and the Rio Paralympics in the same breath.

I was fortunate enough to guide Clare through our Estate and she was fortunate to have lunch at our Flint Barns!  We were able to chat about what we are doing here and what to expect from us post 2018 and the launch of our Sussex sparkling wine.  On television she comes across as a very knowledgeable and very likeable person – the same is totally true in real life.  We look forward to seeing her again in the future for a glass of Sussex.

We hold many events on the Estate, some organised and run by ourselves and some are private events such as weddings or other celebrations.  These private events are just that, private, but I would like to share one image with you from a recent celebration on the Estate.


This is the amazing garment worn by the clergyman at a recent celebration on the Estate.  It had been in the family for generations and when he knew he was attending the local vineyard he dusted it off, and we’re so glad he did.  A delightful William Morris design of grapes and vines – its the small details which matter!

One of our own events is fast approaching on the 4th October which is our Caudalie day to be held at our Flint Barns.

The morning session has sold out but there are a few spaces left for the afternoon, so if you fancy a short walk in the vines to learn about the ingredients which make up the Caudalie products, followed by an instructive ‘pampering’ session by a Caudalie consultant on which products to use AND a lunch – then please follow the link above (but be quick).

Which brings me to yet another important piece of (personal) news.  Many of you who read our Estate blog (or for the handful that read my bit) may be aware that my wife and I are fortunate to have four children, three of which came in one hit!  Our triplets turned 3 this week.  After all the hurdles, heart ache and nappies, every birthday is a huge milestone and celebration.  It seems like only yesterday that the angels at the Trevor Mann Baby Unit in Brighton cared for them for over 2 weeks.  Since then we have had fun, laughter, a few ‘learning experiences’ and they’ve consumed their weight in Weetabix.  So now they are 3 years old.  Little people.


One thoughtful doe eyed boy who will eat anything that is not nailed down (if it is, he will just gnaw it), his smaller brother who may be slighter but is as hard as nails with a head made of concrete (which he tests regularly) and their angelic little sister who is an angel in appearance only.  Thankfully their older sister is a great role model.  As a family we look forward to the adventures ahead and can not wait to celebrate their 5th birthday with a proper bottle (or three) of Rathfinny Sussex Sparkling wine.  Cheers



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