Rathfinny Wine Estate

More than meets the eye

The Heritage Centre and our cellar door, the Gun Room, are now in full swing and just like any puppy they are simply ‘not just for Christmas’

Upstairs the Heritage Centre provides an insight to the wealth of history in the village of Alfriston and its surrounds.  There’s information on the history of wine with some key facts on its production in England.  This is enhanced by a time lapse film showing the rise of Rathfinny Wine Estate up from the Downs supported with some stunning still photography from Viv Blakey.

Going back downstairs and into the warmth of the oak clad cellar door (where in the future we will be selling our wine).  Now – we are all happy in the knowledge that Jonathan bathes in Beaujolais Nouveau.  But the power of wine does not stop there.  I always tell myself that a glass here and there is good for me, and now I know that wine and the mighty grape IS good for me!

I can consume it and wear it.  Thanks to Caudalie who produce a vast array of products made from grape stems, seeds and skins which form the basis of their skin care range.  Being a bloke I was rather sceptical of all the blurb.  Breaking away from the mould I decided to read the instructions (ingredients in this case).  As I’m not adverse to wearing pink, I can say that it is rather clever and from my point of view – natural.  And it works.

So now I have younger looking skin – what next?  Firstly, we need to gem up on our wine knowledge and that can be done with the hand picked selection of wine literature available or even tickle our nasal hairs with some olfactory obstacles in the form of a wine sensory kit.   But this is not as good as the real thing and for that you need some attractive looking receptacles.  There are glasses, goblets and decanters to suit all tastes and consumption levels.

Once replete with the beverages there are some fantastic champagne chocolates and the devilishly tasting Brix ‘slabs’ of chocolate specifically created to accompany wine.  Absolute heaven. (Did you know that Brix is the measure of sucrose in solution and more importantly the name of Jonathan’s dog? – Ed.)

So skin smooth, stomach sufficed and glass full.  Now to sit back, light a candle, read a book or just relax.  Did I mention there are wine smelling candles, leather bound folios and a myriad of other gifts?

In the future the Gun Room will also be the start and finish point for our Estate Tours and will also be holding specialist events so keep your eyes peeled for updates on the website and in our Newsletter.

Richard James – Trainee Assistant Shop Substitute



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