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More planting!

Unless you’ve been living under a rock recently you’ll be aware that we’ve finally launched our Sparkling wines last week. I won’t dwell on this but so far both the trade and media have received them very well.

Now that that necessary distraction is out of the way we can get back to the business of wine-growing. Last Friday we started planting more vineyard, another 13ha.
It’s something the vineyard team always look forward to as it marks the start of a new chapter.  This year we’re planting more Pinot Noir, Chardonnay and Pinot Meunier for our sparkling wines, a mix of some of the better clones we have selected over the previous years.  The field we’re planting has been prepared and is ready to go. Vinplant who have done all our planting over the years are bringing two teams this year, meaning it’ll be twice as hectic!  At least it’ll be done quickly though and it will mean we can get on with installing the 10,000 posts and 411 km of wire!



  • This is exciting! Would like to see how much root is on each “stick”. Do you get 100% take? – or are you likely to need some replacements? What is the source of your whips and how old are they?
    When will they start producing grapes and will they need to get established a year or two before harvesting?

  • Cameron – glad to see you are not lolling about ! Congratulations on the well reviewed new releases -but of course all in the grape growing anyhow

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