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It’s Pruning Time!

While we haven’t started pruning for real yet, we have done a little bit to get our eye in before we really get started after the holidays.

This is the first year we can truly feel like we are pruning for a real purpose. The vines are now getting bigger; they have grown more this past season than any other, and we are starting to refine our techniques and systems of pruning.

We ‘cane prune’ all the vines, because in our cooler climate the lower buds of the vine are less fruitful and will generally have less vigour than a lot of vineyard sites, partly due to our shallow soils.

When you prune, you have to keep in mind not just the season just gone, but what we want to see the coming season and following season after that.

Pruning is both complex and a simple process at the same time.


Firstly, we look at the dormant vine, if it shows good strong growth from the previous growing season and sturdy canes, then we consider that the vine to be in good shape.  If it is weak and stunted, we need to prune more aggressively to remove wood and allow the vine to concentrate its energy into producing more canopy rather than just fruit

When it comes to vines, balance is key. A weak vine will be pruned differently than a healthy vine. No one size fits all.

We have all this to consider and then have to work around the weather, we don’t prune in the rain, and consider the influence of pruning on budbreak, flowering and harvest.

We have a few people lined up to come and give us a hand, and if there is anyone else who is interested in pruning please get in touch: info@rathfinnyestate.com

Happy Christmas to all.



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