Rathfinny Wine Estate

It doesn’t rain it pours…

It doesn’t rain it pours…

With sunshine that is, what a pleasant and welcome change to finally see the sun for more than a couple of hours, and plenty of warmth to go with it.

Some of the more sheltered areas have visibly taken off, some vines have put on an inch or so of growth in the last week alone.


We are still marking out and putting posts in, although held up by a few breakdowns they are going in great. All the young blocks are now cultivated to keep the weeds down while last year’s vines are trying to head towards flowering, while others that don’t have flowers are putting on reasonable shoot growth.IMG_0492

We also have made a start on picking up flints from the area around this year’s planting. Last year the guys managed to pick up 60 tonnes of flint which will go into the building of the flint barn. We should get at least that this year, even if we don’t get anywhere near that tonnage of fruit! It’s a long slow and dusty process at this time of year but at least it beats doing it when the ground is frozen.




  • One thing you can be certain of growing on the Southdowns is FLINTS !! I spent years and years clearing these little blighters , but they just keep coming back !!! I have pictures from the 1900’s where women and children were employed to “pick flint” When a shower came along, the women would strip off their clothes and place under a pile of flints and carry on “picking” so they had dry clothes once the showers passed !! Also, flint is one of the top three most hardest stone , the first is diamonds !! Now only if they were worth nearly as much ?

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