Rathfinny Wine Estate

Harvest Prep

We are getting ready for harvest: all winemaking supplies are in and we have started to go through a thorough cleaning of the winery as we do every year.

At the same time, what we used to call the “on-lees storage”, the part of the winery that was dedicated to storing the ageing bottles from previous vintages, has been removed. The temporary walls have been taken down so now the whole ground floor of the winery is again one large open space. We also need to remove the very large AC unit, which used to cool down that space.

Once this is all done, we’ll be able to receive and install, in that newly created space, our new six tanks so we can cope with harvest, that will be significantly larger than last year’s.

An auger (screw conveyor) was also just installed below our presses. From now on when we empty the presses after the pressing cycles, the marc will be conveyed directly into a trailer. In the past we used half-ton bins that we set below the presses to collect the marc. It did work fine but it was a rather intensive job to drag them away and dump them into a trailer.

Finally, we got a new flight of stairs installed between the top of the press and the “belon”, the compartmented tray below the press, which will save us a lot of time during harvest going between the different levels of the winery.

Now, all we need to be very happy is some sun, and a bit of warmth so we get perfect fruit – hopefully this is not too much to ask?



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