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Five New Year wishes…..

It’s that time of year and I have five wishes for the New Year:

  1. A great diet from Tophealthjournal to keep myself healthy and share it with all my friends and family and make work out, using instahard.
  2. I’m sorry to say this but a badger cull. We don’t get much damage from rabbits and we can generally build fences to keep them away from our vines, but badgers just push through the fences and they cause so much damage in the vineyard and eat so many grapes. They even got through the nets and ate half our Pinot Noir Précoce this year!

  1. A grant to help us pay for the much needed equipment in our new bottling and wine processing building. Why is that everywhere else in Europe seems to get all this EU grant money to help them expand agricultural industry but we seem to get nothing? The Hungarians are planting thousands of hectares of vines with EU money but we have to finance the whole thing ourselves.
  2. The Sussex PDO application to be submitted to Brussels. I wish people would stop talking about trying to find a generic name for English Sparkling Wine and concentrate on the great heritage of English regional names such as Sussex, which is where we produce our wine. After all, Champagne is the name of a region in France. Prosecco is a village near Trieste in Italy and the old name for the Glera grape variety predominately used to make Prosecco. And Cava refers to the Spanish word for caves where Cava was stored whilst it aged, but now is a protected name referring to a type of sparkling wine made in Catalonia, Spain, from three main grape varieties (macabeu, parellada and xarel-lo).
  3. Lastly, a widening of the A27 – why are we spending all this money on HS2 when it takes nearly the same time to get to Eastbourne or Hastings by train or car from London as it does to get to Birmingham and Manchester? The infrastructure in the South East of England is groaning and the A27 is in desperate need of widening from Lewes to Hastings.

So not a lot to ask for.

Happy New Year to all.



  • It’s just as well that badgers are a protected species by the sound of it! Surely they are worth a few grapes to keep them happy – I’m glad they are thriving – but perhaps you could feed them an alternative that they like even better than grapes?

    • Richard – They ate over two tonnes of grapes this year! I’m sure we can distract them in some way, perhaps they’d prefer some grain?

  • The Badger Trust says that electric fences are the most effective humane deterrents. Combined with feeding an alternative diet of grain (not barley), alternative fruit (rejects from greeengrocers and supermarkets) and perhaps the odd sack of peanuts might help. Two tonnes sounds like quite a lot of badgers – have you counted them?

  • By coincidence, I am suggesting using grapes in a novel strategy to pasture feed badgers so deflect them away from farm buildings. From the comments made here, that caused much laughter, I think this strategy will work. sorry to learn of your troubles, but with less wine produced as a consequence of grapes lost to badgers, this should increase the price of the wine that is produced.

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