Rathfinny Wine Estate

Back on a tractor

What with spraying, trimming, spraying, nets to go on, spraying, oh and some more spraying.
It’s been a busy few weeks on the vineyard, and with a man down having a back operation (Ian- get well soon) it’s been all hands to the pump.
The positive side to all this, is that I get back on a tractor again. Yes it may seem a bit sad, but I find it great to be back in the saddle. There is nothing like getting in amongst it, even if it is only for a few hours a day just to help keep on top of things.
The nets are now mostly out and we are either through or part way through veraison on all varieties. If September is kind to us it looks like harvest is going to be earlier this year which will be great, its nice to be able to have a bit of breathing room at the end of the season if the weather decides to not play the game. So far we have managed to keep on top of disease, just another few more weeks and the pressure will be off.



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