At Rathfinny, we aim to support a skilled and local workforce which has been at the heart of our mission since Mark and Sarah Driver established the Estate in 2010. In our 10-year anniversary, we will be shining a light on some of our hard working casual staff who have found themselves drawn to our Vineyard for many different reasons and take a hands on approach to the essential jobs required to cultivate our vines. After all, you cannot make excellent wine from poor quality grapes.

Julie Kells Smiling

Meet Julie. Julie started working for Rathfinny during the 2019 harvest and loved the work so much she decided to continue working over winter during the vital pruning season. After serving as a member of cabin crew for 40 years, Julie was attracted to working in a stunning open landscape and fresh air. Despite some challenging weather conditions this year, Julie enjoys the diversity of the team, camaraderie and motivational spirit that propels them forward.

Julie Kells Pruning

As a casual member of staff, the flexible hours suit Julie as she can choose to work three days a week which fits around her voluntary job at the local food bank and looking after her grandchildren.

Thank you for your work Julie and for being such as wonderful member of the Rathfinny community!