In this Vineyard Crew Spotlight we speak to Jack who shares his career journey and why he loves working on our Estate.

“I was born and grew in West Sussex but have lived in East Sussex for the past six years. I left Uni in 2010 where I studied animal welfare and management. The recession was in full swing by then but I was lucky to find a job working for an outdoor activity company. I did two seasons with them (about 18 months) on the Isle of Wight and Dorset respectively. During my time I taught archery, air rifle shooting and quad biking. Such an amazing experience!”

“Time moved on and I left to work in a school just north of Brighton which specialised in helping children with autism. I was working in one of on-site residential houses for the weekly boarding students. I then moved transferred to a place with a similar set up for children with epilepsy and other special needs in Surrey.”

“I then became a baggage handler at Gatwick airport where I was working outside loading and unloading bags from EasyJet and Norwegian airlines. I left there in September 2018 and joined the Rathfinny harvest team in October.”

Jack Pruning

“What I enjoy most about Rathfinny is the people I work with; everyone comes from a different walk of life and has a story to tell. It’s also a very peaceful and calming place to be. Due to social distancing you can be working on your own for long periods so listening to podcasts and audible definitely helps!”