Greta heard through the grapevine that Rathfinny was a great place to work so in 2019 she applied for casual hours during harvest. Greta knew it would be fun but had no idea just how much she would enjoy the work, so much so she applied to become part of the casual workers team and has recently finished her second year pruning!

During the challenging lockdown months, Greta was grateful to continue working in the fresh air all day with a great team of people; unfortunately her other employment in a café had ceased. The safety regulations were respected by everyone and staff morale was high which made coming to work feel like a sanctuary.

Greta particularly enjoys the stunning countryside views and working through all the seasons. Even during the rain and cold when she would usually hide away at home, she has loved being out and exposed to every season whatever the weather.

The flexible working has been brilliant for Greta enabling her to juggle part time work at a café and childcare. Working her second harvest was a special experience having nurtured the vines all year round and contributed to their growth gave a sense of pride and achievement.

Greta Pruning in a Yellow Jacket

The natural breaks throughout the year when there isn’t much work to do has given Greta the opportunity to explore other adventures, projects and hobbies. Having graduated with an art degree when she was young, Greta has now found time to create stunning papier-mâché models which you can find on Instagram @mr_crow_and_friends.

During the November break, Greta was approached by Channel 4 and asked to participate in a the popular 4 In a Bed TV programme featuring her brother’s pub and B&B in North Yorkshire.

What started as a brief experience of harvesting in a local vineyard has now become a vocation that Greta hopes will continue for years to come.