In our 10-year anniversary, we’re shining a light on members of our amazing Vineyard crew to celebrate their essential work on the Vineyard and share their unique stories of what drew them to Rathfinny.

Adele was attracted to Rathfinny by her friend Bev who often regaled tales of the great time she’d had during the hot, sunny harvest of 2018. As Adele found herself between jobs, she applied to join Bev for 2019 harvest, which was possibly the wettest, coldest, muddiest, harvest ever!

It was hard work but Adele loved it. She was delighted to find an amazing atmosphere with pickers of all different ages and backgrounds and made some lovely friends. After Harvest, Adele took the opportunity to continue into the new year and help with the pruning.

Adele Long

Although the winter was wet, muddy and unrelenting when working outside, Adele was happy to work with such a great team and there was almost always laughter which propelled the team through the worst of the bad weather days. She has loved working during the spring and summer which has brought wonderful weather along with sightings of hares, kestrels, buzzards and kites.

Adele is really looking forward to being here through the full cycle of the Vineyard year and being part of producing a good harvest. She feels that harvest 2020 will carry more meaning as she will have completed her first year, caring for the vines throughout.

The flexibility of working at Rathfinny suits Adele well. Having worked as a nurse for 20 years, she changed her career to work in finance and now works from home two days a week in the finance department of a tour operator alongside her work in the Vineyard.