Rathfinny Appoints Joint Vineyard Managers.

Words by Mark Driver
Mark and Sarah Driver with David and Ian Vineyard Managers
Ian Bray and David Andrews

Ian and David bring a combined 26 years of experience working in vineyards across the UK. They both attended Plumpton College graduating with Foundations Degrees in Wine Science before joining Rathfinny more than 10 years ago. They have both been involved in planting and supervising the development of the whole vineyard.

David was employee number two after Cameron, and his interests lie in all things viticulture. He reads scientific papers in his spare time and will become our Chief Viticulturist developing and overseeing all viticultural plans including; pruning, disease management, bird and weed control.

Meanwhile, Ian will assume operational management in the vineyard, managing our relationships with our contract farmer, the Rural Planning Agency, and all external agencies, as well as taking charge of all the plant and equipment, boundaries and fencing, vehicles and vineyard property.

Ian will be found mostly behind a computer with spreadsheets and record keeping, but they will both be working together to ensure the healthy management of the vineyard. 

We are thrilled that they have accepted the role and think that they will make a tremendous success of this new joint role.