Rathfinny Wine Estate

Who says Brits won’t pick grapes…?

We started harvesting our great crop of wonderful ripe grapes on Monday and since then our team of mostly local workers has picked over 80 tonnes of fruit.


I say mostly because we’re very proud to have recruited nearly 100 people from the local area to pick grapes.. something we were told we wouldn’t be able to do. Read this article in The Times, click here. You’d think that the Brits are lazy or that picking fruit is beneath them!

We also have over a dozen people staying in our Flint Barns who have come from further afield: A father and son from Canada and Dubai, and as far away as Aberdeen and Nottingham, Worthing and London.

They’ve done a great job so far and we’re about half way through the vineyard.

The BBC turned up to film this rare phenomenon of grape picking Brits…

To add to the drama four new tanks arrived, just in time for harvest….

…and they were safely installed in the Winery – which is lucky because we’ve had a very good crop this year.

So now you see them, now you don’t!  The weather is set fair for the next week so hopefully we will be mostly done by the end of the week and we’ll be picking the final fruit over next weekend.

Well done to all our team.



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