Rathfinny Wine Estate

When is a twig not a twig

Most weekends we set out the moth trap to see what species we have in and around the vineyard (this also allows our kids to learn about moths and wildlife).  We’ve had many wonderful specimens from the pink coloured Elephant hawk moth to tiny chequerboard micro moths.

The incredible specimen above is the Buff-tip which takes camouflage to the extreme!  Resembling a broken twig in the hope that it will not become a snack for a passing speeding pipistrelle bat.

The one below is the Elephant hawk moth…(slightly worn).

Moths so often get a rough ride as people assume they are all big grey flying woolly things that fly into your face and hair during the evening or have a mesmeric fascination with your bedroom lamp!

Before you shoo them out take a closer look…you never know what beauty it may behold.



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