Rathfinny Wine Estate

The Winery is officially open

It was bright sunny day at Rathfinny on Friday 14th May when we welcomed the Rt.Hon.Dr Vincent Cable MP to officially open our Winery.

Dr Cable had stopped half-way up our track to give one of our neighbours a lift and he arrived, without pomp or ceremony, driving his own car, with John Webb in the passenger seat.


We had invited various friends and neighbours from the local area to join us to celebrate the opening of the Winery and the beginning of the next phase for Rathfinny. Now the Winery is ready, for what we hope will be a small harvest this year, and the Flint Barns and the new entrance way are nearing completion, we are moving on from what I consider was the investment stage onto the fun part – making wine.

Dr Cable on Bund

So after teas and coffees and brief speeches Dr Cable revealed a plaque commemorating the occasion.


We then went on a tour of the Winery and we had a delicious lunch in the Winery Tasting Room.


It was a brilliant day and great way to celebrate all that has been achieved over the last three and half years at the Rathfinny Wine Estate.

Rathfinny 5

Thank you guys

Mark and Sarah Driver



  • Dear Mark – was a great to see the amazing winery last week, and of course the splendid Pierre Guerin tanks … I made a few photos of the event myself you can see here (if you want any of these shots I can send on just email me)

    Lastly I have this idea in case it interests you – my other half is a trained artist (graduated from art school from UKR) although she’s a psychologist by profession here). I thought about a large painting project at your place, maybe the panorama view over the vista or whatever, something that could be done in-situ over a week and then either sold to private buyer / half to charity etc. I can send examples of her portraits, landscapes, abstracts if you’d like to explore this idea. She would have core costs and need accomodation but nothing like working inspired from the location very probably. Good luck, not that I think you need it, with the ongoing venture. Paul Bentley 01452 725409

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