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Rathfinny’s new website – launching 22nd February

Who knew how long it takes to do a new website? Well I do now and it’s a very long process that has seen me sitting concentrating for hours on end on spellings, making sure links go to the right place, consistency of style and so much more. Basically all the things that bore my husband to bits.

Which reminds me that this is what I spend much of my time doing at Rathfinny – checking other people’s letters, blogs, all our literature and documentation because for some reason or other, we seem to attract a lot of people who can’t spell (dyslexics by another name!)  When Jamie joined us, I thought – yes, someone else to share the burden – until one week later he confessed that he couldn’t help on that front and in fact would be adding to my work load as he too is … dyslexic! I can forgive all this however because I know first hand the great other qualities dyslexics bring to the workplace, not least their ability to think creatively and tackle problems from a different angle. (By the way, I must quickly add that I do not include Richard in this category and he helps out on the checking too.)

*Note – I now await the barrage of comments pointing out all the mistakes I have missed!

Anyway, back to the website. Our current website has been great and I know how much people love the pictures. But it’s about 5 years since we did it, and in that time we have  planted over 250,000 vines, built a Winery, taken on the Gun Room, developed the Flint Barns, opened the Rathfinny Trail, started tours as well, of course, as having had 2 harvests. We now need to highlight all of these things showing how everyone can make the most of what we have to offer. It might be coming down to taste our first wines at the Gun Room, or booking a stay at the Flint Barns for a weekend of walking, hiring them out exclusively for a family celebration, holding your corporate ‘off site’ in the Winery looking out over the Vineyard, planning a stunning wedding, coming on a tour or organising an educational trip for a few days with the pupils in your school; we have twelve school groups booked in over the next year!

In addition, the website has new stunning photos, Estate sightings of the wildlife from Richard James, details of the wine making process and why we’re in the best place to make stunning Sussex Sparkling wine and so much more.

Here’s a sneak preview:Rathfinny Wine Estate-Screen

Let us know what you think, (yes, tell me where I’ve missed the spelling mistakes) – I really hope you like it.

We’ve also been working on developing an education piece explaining exactly what the Traditional Method of making our Sussex Sparkling wine is, how it’s the same as the Champagne Method (though obviously better!) and how it’s very, very different from Prosecco (which my husband rudely refers to as Coca Cola!) The idea is to commission some form of art work in the Winery and Flint Barns on this, put the information into the Gun Room and develop a ‘take away’ for people who visit us, so they can mull over the differences at their leisure. Watch this space!



  • Sarah,
    Very attractive new site in terms of visuals etc, although I have to confess a liking for the ‘laid over’ style of the original even though it may not be deemed as clean and fresh as the new!
    However, for your many admirers like me in their seventh decade may I plea for slightly larger fonts on the tabs etc?
    Have told many people enquiring about your vinery (I play golf at Blatchington and you always draw questions) that IMHO your website is one of the best, most honest and informative of any I regularly peruse. Many of those to whom I have offered this have subsequently agreed with me after visiting yours.
    So, keep us informed, entertained and educated as heretofore and you wont go wrong.
    Best wishes to all at Rathfinny, and just remember – dyslexia rules KO!
    John Fitzgerald

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