Rathfinny Wine Estate

Summer has finally arrived!

I say that summer has finally arrived with a tone of caution. It was only earlier last week that we had a northerly wind blowing and it felt like we were back in winter.

The vineyard is starting to actually look like a real grown up vineyard now, with lots of lush growth. So much so that we have to thin out some of the shoots, in a process believe it or not we call ‘shoot thinning’.

Shoot thinning is the first stage of canopy management in the growing season- not including pruning of course. Each year once the vines start to grow, they send out shoots from the buds that we laid down when pruning.

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Bottling our first wine..

We reached a milestone last week and bottled our first wine at Rathfinny.

A still wine which we’ve chosen to label under the Cradle Valley name, so not to confuse the consumer about Rathfinny being a sparkling wine producer. It’s a blend of Pinot Blanc and Chardonnay. It’s a very nice wine, but I would say that wouldn’t I?

You will have your first chance to try it at our classic music concert at Rathfinny on the 12-14th June.

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