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Happy New Year! What’s on at Rathfinny

img_2961I am late with this blog and in trying to justify this, I am relying on some thinking I have been doing over the New Year period, that in fact started before with our visit to India.

I decided to switch off from all emails and even from the news whilst we were away.  I haven’t done that for over 10 years and it was quite a revelation.  Somehow things that seemed so very urgent, suddenly weren’t and it was quite true to say ‘I lived in the moment’.  I actually stared aimlessly out of the window while we drove, read my book before I slept and when I woke up (as I used to do as a child) instead of checking my ipad and generally found myself reflecting in an aimless, yet I’m sure, useful way.  (The hard thing was that my husband was not so quite ‘switched off’ so there was always the gentle reminder of Rathfinny and normal life in the background but the issue of ‘working and living together 24/7 is another subject!)

Why is this important apart from being shown up in our team meeting this morning for having failed a deadline?  It isn’t really apart from I feel there is a change in the air about all the social media we are experiencing, about the time we and our children spend on our phones and ipads and at our computers and about the need for us to sometimes just be still and not worry about what everyone else is saying and doing, every moment of the day.  For what it’s worth, I don’t take my mobile to bed anymore and am trying to convince my children that if they need me, there is such a thing as a landline and yes, it works.

Another issue I have been thinking about is wine awards, prompted by this Telegraph article at the end of last year.  Regular readers will know that I come to the wine world not as an expert by any means, but as someone on a learning journey.  Whilst this can drive my husband to distraction, I maintain that having someone prepared to ask the ‘simple’ questions and who has a viewpoint of a general consumer, a mum in a supermarket, a woman in a group on an outing at a restaurant or at a festival, is helpful to our business.  So I read the article with interest.  I do take note of the award stickers but had begun to notice that there seemed to be a plethora of them and an ever increasing number of categories and it seems I was right.  Maybe the answer is to look just for the trophy winners and the golds in the Decanter and IWC awards and also the Sommelier Wine Awards?

We are back to a busy start at Rathfinny with a flurry of enquiries for parties, weddings and corporate days which is great.  Our Sunday lunches continue to sell out in a matter of hours and we’re starting to do some evening meals, which look to be just as popular.  If you’d like to be ‘in’ on the early email then do register here.


We’ve got some other exciting events coming up:

Writing Retreat          17th– 19th March

Words Away run by Kellie Jackson is holding a writing retreat with best selling author Emma Darwin.  I know both authors well and it promises to be an exceptional opportunity to take your writing to another level whether you are a beginner or are in the middle of a project and need time to think and discuss your writing all in the luxury of the Flint Barns, a desk at the window and gorgeous food to keep your spirits up.  I will definitely be there working on my second novel.  For more details and to book click here here.

Yoga Retreat             5th – 7th May

Lucy Newport from Anahata Yoga is again leading our yoga retreat.  It’s a magical weekend of yoga in a splendid setting, looking out over the vineyard with an opportunity to rest and reflect in between sessions either by curling up with a good book or walking the surrounding land.  Couldn’t be better! For more details, click here here and to book click here.

Chris Difford             Song Writing Retreat           2nd–4th June

We are so delighted to have our neighbour and legendary songwriter Chris Difford (from the Squeeze!!) leading on a song writing retreat, something he has been doing for over 20 years.  In the wonderful setting of the Flint Barns explore your creativity, how to write in partnership and what to do with writers’ block.  For full details click here  and to book click here.

Come and Stay at Half Term

As well as all this we are taking bookings for Half Term with the added offer of dinners on us.  It’s truly the perfect place to bring your family. The accommodation with its roaring fire, games cupboard and shelves full of books is perfect, we welcome well behaved dogs and the food will please everyone.  There’s tons to do in the area as well as great walks and you won’t go home disappointed.



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