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Fly Fishing in Montana

I was reminded whilst waiting in vain to cross the road in Columbia, South Carolina, that contrary to Dunkin Donuts assertion that ‘America runs on Dunkin’, America runs on gasoline, the car is king and the pedestrian a second class citizen.

Everything is big in America, the cars, the houses, the portions and the fish were no exception. I had never been fly-fishing before and everyone warned me how difficult it was and how I should get some lessons before I went. It seems a little crazy to fly all the way to Helena, Montana to go fishing but that is what I did two weeks and I would thoroughly recommend it. I travelled out via New York to visit friends and back via Columbia, South Carolina to see my eldest son who is studying at USC for a year, you forget how big America is until you try to fly form the northwest to the southeast!

He has started a blog which is hilarious: http://diggersatusc.tumblr.com/

The fishing was fantastic. We fished the Missouri River for two days and then Wolf Creek for a day on a boat. The Missouri river, which starts in Montana and ends up joining the Mississippi, is split by several hydro dams in Montana and the area we fished was below Holter dam. On our first day we lost count of how many large 18-24″ rainbow trout we caught. As our fantastic guide and teacher Nate Stevan said, “each one would have been a ‘day-maker’ on any other river”.

What an introduction to fly-fishing. Of course I have been completely spoilt as day three demonstrated as we fished Wolf Creek. We caught several fish including a decent sized brown trout but nothing as large as the fish in the Missouri.

I have to say that overall I was disappointed with a lot of the wines we found in the US. I tried a lot of Oregon Pinot Noir, which is made in the Burgundian style, light colour and body, but they seemed to lack the depth of the French wines and the prices where astronomic. However, one little gem was the Wild Hogg 2008 Pinot Noir from Russian River Valley in Sonoma, this is a great example of Pinot from that cooler area of the Sonoma Valley, California.



If you fancy trying fly-fishing I recommend Nate Stevane as a guide, he runs a small outfitters called Trout on the fly Montana (www.montanatroutonthefly.com).

Back in England now to see how the building work is getting along. The foundations of the winery are going in and hopefully we can move into our new office in the next two weeks then we can get organised.




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