Rathfinny Wine Estate

Completion of the winery in sight

We are at that stage in the building program when everyone is blaming everyone else for the delays, and our winery building is still not finished. It’s very frustrating as we had hoped to be in by now and testing all the new equipment, instead of which we are still waiting for various areas to be completed.

Winery nearly complete

One of the main factors being blamed for the delay is the fact that the new power supply was only switched on last Monday. I didn’t know how complicated and disjointed our power network is in the UK. The new power cable into the sub-station behind the winery has been in for months but we then needed a meter, but before you have a meter you need something else, which has to be done by someone who is not connected to the meter provider. Round and round you go and eventually when everyone returns from summer holidays, they then try and work through the backlog and power gets turned, on six weeks late.

The other factor being blamed is the tradition of European factories closing down in August and it would appear that the UK has become European; even our local cement company closed down for three weeks in August and we are still waiting for a ceiling, which was ordered in July, to be delivered for our tasting room.

winery landscaping

In the meantime the landscaping is continuing and we have planted nearly a hundred trees on the bank in front of the winery and now the shrubs are being planted.

Whilst we wait for the winery building to be completed the steel frame in the Flint Barns, to be used for seasonal workers accommodation, is going up and the structure is starting to take shape.

steel in FB

Oh, and the vineyard team are still putting in wires and trellising posts and spreading compost under our young vines. It’s all go….


I hope it warms up as it feels like winter has arrived!

Mark Driver



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