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From Hedge Funds to Viticulture Via Ten Bottles of English Sparkling Wine

So here I am, forty-six years of age and out of work, well to be more precise, retired. I’d spent twenty five years working for various investment banks in both London and Hong Kong, never made it to New York, something I always regretted but then again I wouldn’t have met up with John if I’d gone to New York.  Nor even back to Hong Kong; it was offered to me but my wife refused to go.  Thankfully John saved me in the year 2000 when another investment bank I was working for, Donaldson, Lufkin and Jenrette, DLJ, or as my children like to refer to it as ‘Driver Loses Job,’ merged, or more accurately sold-out to CSFB. I called a friend of mine at Credit-Suisse and told him. “It looks like we’ll be working together again.” His response was as an emphatic ‘No,’ it was not likely that we would both survive the “merger”.   He was right. I didn’t survive. However for all my hard work over 2 years I was given a nice green tie by my former boss and with that kicked out. However, John Horseman asked me to come and help him run a hedge fund, which is where I have been working for the last 10 years until the end of last year when we decided to call it a day and pass on the day to day management to someone a little younger.

I must admit that at forty-five I felt a little young to retire, you can only play so much golf, and I’m not good at golf, and given that most of my friends still work you get bored and lonely pretty quickly. So there I was scanning the UCAS website for my daughter, trying to find a course for her, when I got to down to V. Viticulture. I couldn’t believe that you can study wine production in the UK, but you can, at Plumpton College, part of Brighton University.

So I spent the next two months investigating the English Wine scene and it just got better and better. Did you know that several English wine producers have been awarded international awards for their sparkling wine in recent years? I didn’t believe it so I bought a large selection of bottles and tried them, in a blind tasting with a whole bunch of our close friends at a dinner party. Ten bottles of sparkling wine later and the conclusion was that no-one preferred the French Champagne over the English sparkling, in fact even my French friend preferred a Sussex sparkling to Laurent Perrier and although Pol Roger was highly thought of, the overwhelming view was that English sparkling wine was rather good. To be honest anything can taste good after the tenth glass, however, everyone was pleasantly surprised by the quality English sparkling wine.

So I signed up for the course at Plumpton College and started looking for some land to plant out grapes in the UK. Twelve months on I’m sitting in Bordeaux, in the cheapest, crapiest hotel I’ve stayed in since I was last a student, about to attend the Vinitech exhibition with the college. And it’s great.

Oh and I’ve bought some land.


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