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Another planting

This years planting was quite unlike any other, and for more than one reason.

Once again we had the team from Vinplant over from Germany to get our vines in the ground at the beginning of last week.

Unlike previous years we planted quite late (for us) the last week of April rather than the first. Luckily this meant we planted into moist soils from the previous weekends rain and have since had a few good downpours of rain to help bed in the vines. If we had planted early the vines would have gone into parched, dry soils, with no rain for weeks. So much for April showers!

This was also our smallest year of planting:  Just 7 hectares (about 17 acres in old money) of vines have gone in, usually we do around 20ha. For those of you not agriculturally inclined we’ve planted about the area of about 13.5 football pitches- however that does depend on what ground you’re at.

Again we have stuck with the traditional sparkling varieties of Chardonnay, Pinot Noir, and Meunier. The reasoning behind such a small year (comparatively) is really just down to field size. We had one small area of last year’s development to fill up, and a couple of fields around our new entranceway to plant, so after just 3 days we were all done.

In the rest of the vineyard the shoots are starting to grow, and everything is shaping up nicely.


The picture below gives you a good idea of what picturesque blocks these are going to be.




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