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2019 Harvest- Over!

2019 has been one of those years where it all looked like everything was going to be great and easy and then the weather had other ideas right at the last minute.
The season was generally ok, nothing like 2018 but a fairly good one for the UK with above average temperatures for most of the year. Then it all suddenly turned in September, bringing us the first wet and at times challenging harvest in the history of Rathfinny.

Luckily, we had a terrific team of around 200 people picking our grapes, most of whom came from the local area. This is something that we have worked hard to do over the years and is now really starting to pay off, in the face of uncertain times with seasonal labour. We can’t thank them and our regular team enough for all their hard work.
We managed to get 485 tonnes of fruit harvested this year, which is a nice 19% increase on our yield last year and will mean even more wonderful Rathfinny wine!
Now that the juice is in tank and fermenting away, we can get on with all those jobs that get put off in the vineyard till Autumn, before you know it, we’ll be pruning.



  • This year’s harvest was certainly very different from last year. But…
    I have classified these 3 weeks as my endurance training. So… it was very, very good! I have come out of it much stronger and more resilient!!
    So… thank you for that Rathfinny and I shall be there for the 2020 harvest!

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