Rathfinny Wine Estate

Saturday 6th July, Sunday 7th July, Saturday 20th and Sunday 21st July Dining in the Vines

We have partnered with Big Green Egg, the team behind the ceramic charcoal BBQs that are loved by Michelin chefs, food aficionados and barbecue-heads across the globe, to bring you an alfresco Vineyard dining experience you won’t want to miss.

Join us this summer for a series of lunch and dinner feasts of local and seasonal dishes cooked over fire by our Tasting Room chef Chris Bailey and his team. The open air feast will be served “sharing style” to a long table within the Vineyard, giving you the chance to dine in the vines.

Ticket price – £50 per head (includes a welcome Seven Sisters cocktail).

Please see the sample menu HERE



New tanks arriving

It’s been another busy week at Rathfinny. We took delivery of three new 58,000-litre blending tanks (each double the size of a petrol tanker), a further four new fermentation tanks, and two bottling tanks, ready for harvest this year and bottling next month.

They look rather nice now, in situ, but it was a slight shock when they arrived and we hoped that we’d measured the width of the entrance correctly! Jonathan Médard our winemaker was sweating a little more than the others, but they just squeezed in with an inch (2.5cms) to spare on either side… A perfectly designed winery. Well done to all concerned.

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Tuesday 16th July Summer Astronomy Night

We have the pleasure in once again collaborating with our friend and neighbour, Jane Green, for what promises to be an evening to remember.

On the 16th July, the skies over Rathfinny will host a partial lunar eclipse with the Moon rising at 9.05pm. As if this wasn’t enough, the planets Jupiter and Saturn should also be visible, with Saturn at its best. We thought, why not celebrate with an evening of astronomy in the perfect setting of our Flint Barns?

Please arrive at the Flint Barns at 7pm where you will be greeted with a glass of our Cradle Valley wine. Our Flint Barns team will then serve a 3-course set menu and the evening of astronomy will begin.

Jane is a Fellow of the Royal Astronomical Society as well as a presenter, broadcaster, science writer and successful author.  She is a natural, eloquent and captivating speaker who possesses that rare ability to communicate the complexities of astronomy in a warm and easy to understand way. She makes the ‘ungraspable’ graspable so why not join her for what promises to be a truly magical night?

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Location. The Flint Barns, Rathfinny Wine Estate, Alfriston, East Sussex, BN26 5TU


Osmosis is usually the movement of a solvent through a semi permeable membrane from a less concentrated solution into a more concentrated one. In wine making they may refer to reverse osmosis which is a technique sometimes used to reduce the alcohol in a wine without altering the fruit flavours or profile.  For the purpose of this blog I am taking neither of these definitions and I am using the term to reflect the gradual assimilation of ideas or knowledge – and I promise this blog will get ‘lighter’ (thank goodness I hear you cry!)

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