Meet Steve

Steve Greenfield

Steve joined our Vineyard team three years ago when he signed up to pick during our 2018 Harvest. He enjoyed the work and the people so much that he decided to join our team of core casuals permanently.

Having lived in Australia for 10 years previously, Steve is no new-comer to the agricultural industry as he’s worked on several vineyards and fruit farms, including supervising a large team on a blueberry farm.

Steve Summer Vineyard Work

When asked about the difference about working at Rathfinny compared to an Australia vineyard, Steve explained that obviously the climate couldn’t be more different! Working in 40 -50 degrees heat meant people would often pass out – a very different scenario to Sussex! Wildlife too is very different in England as poisonous snakes or spiders aren’t nearly as common.

Steve worked in couple of other vineyards in the UK before he found his love for Rathfinny and is enjoying the positive team spirit along with the eclectic mix of people. This together with the flexible working hours means that Steve hopes that he will be able to continue working at Rathfinny indefinitely.