2018 Sussex Sparkling Wines

Dedicated exclusively to making vintage wines, Rathfinny aims to capture the spirit of the growing year. If you rewind your mind back to 2018, you may recall one of the hottest English summers on record. A mini heatwave developed from April onwards and record-breaking temperatures were set in July and August. Harvest started in October, and we picked clean fruits with the ideal balance of sugars and acidity.

At Rathfinny, we love to celebrate the vintage and the unique story it has to tell. Years can feel distant and memories hazy, but the beauty of vintage wines help to bottle up not only a delicious wine, but sentiments we attach to irreplaceable moments.

Perfect for anniversaries, celebrations and especially paired with food, our 2018 sparkling wines are now available to shop directly on our website and from selected stockists.

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A young couple in thier early thirties enjoy a bottle of Classic Cuvee on a sandy beach


“I must admit, years all seem to blur into one nowadays, but when I looked back at my camera roll to the summer of 2018, a picture pops up of our puppy, Joey caught jumping over a sand dune and I feel like a very proud dog dad! On that day, my girlfriend (now fiancé) had arranged to introduce me to her friends and planned a picnic on the beach. We had fish and chips and cracked open a bottle of bubbles. It was so simple but perfect at the same time.”

Wine of choice to relive this moment – 2018 Classic Cuvée. It’s such an approachable sparkling wine and pairs well with food – especially fish and chips!

A Couple in a Bar Enjoying a Bottle of Rathfinny Rosé


“Its funny how quickly you forget the things that go wrong! I took Kitty out for a meal to celebrate our anniversary with a plan to propose. Not only did I get the date wrong, but her mum and sister tagged along as no one would have guessed we were going for a special meal one month too early! I came clean a month later, back in the same restaurant and we had a good laugh. We go back each year now – JUST THE TWO OF US!”

Wine of choice to relive this moment – 2018 Rosé. Our go-to celebratory wine.

A woman kissing a man at a wedding reception. The woman wears a blue floral print dress whilst the man wears a linen suit and holds a gift bag with a bottle of sparkling wine inside.


“I LOVE weddings. I remember going to my friends wedding in 2018 and it was absolutely perfect. There was a quaint church at the top of an old, cobbled street. We danced into the night and laughed non-stop. When I woke the next morning, my jaw ached from so much smiling. I think thats the best feeling in the world.”

Wine of choice to relive this moment – 2018 Blanc de Noirs. The bride was from Hong Kong so we enjoyed an incredible Asian feast at the reception. This wine is a dream partner.