Summertime in the United Kingdom may be fleeting, but when it’s here we love to make the most of it with chilled drinks and signature cocktails! In the Driver household, a “V&T” has been the family favourite during lockdown. Here, Sarah shares her secret summer drink, which pays homage to the chalky Sussex climate that produces a rich, fortified wine.


I’ve found a V&T makes a nice change from a G&T and it’s also relatively low in alcohol at just 17% (before you’ve added the tonic), as opposed to about 40% if you use gin. I also really like it neat, in a large glass with big chunks of ice. For special occasions, our son, Archie, concocts a Sussex Aperitivo, for a refreshing cocktail before a meal. He doubles up on the mix so I can bottle it in the fridge (or freeze it) and make it last for a few days. We take our drinks very seriously in the Driver household!

Vermouth and Gin Cocktail

My husband, Mark, loves using our Vermouth in a Sussex Martini with our Seven Sisters Gin . Simple, elegant and iconic, a Sussex Martini is best served in a freezing cold glass with a bitter orange medallion to garnish. A Driver family favourite is to sample a Seven Sisters Martini with olives or pickled chillies if you want to experiment.

To share our love for these versatile spirits with you, we’ve curated a Sussex Martini Case, available in our shop which is a great introduction to Sussex spirits. Do send us your pictures and let us know what you think!

Seven Sisters Vermouth
Seven Sisters Vermouth and Tonic