We asked Mark & Marcin, our Flint Barns chefs, their ingredient of the month for February…

Why rhubarb? Forced New Seasons Rhubarb is just coming into season and is a real treat at this time of the year. It is the first British fruit of the year and is tender with a beautiful pink colour and delicate flavour.

Where do you source it from? Forced New Seasons Rhubarb is traditionally sourced from the ‘Yorkshire Triangle’ using traditional harvesting methods.

Best cooking tip? Cook with subtle flavours such as clementine zest and a hint of ginger.

Favourite dish you use it in? Poached rhubarb in English Sparkling Wine with Clementine Zest and a hint of ginger. Serve it with homemade stem ginger ice cream.

What wine would you recommend with this dish? A glass of Tokaj (Hungarian sweet wine).