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Veraison- nearly

For once I’m not going to talk about the weather.

After a fantastic summer we are about to reach the onset of Veraison.

IMG_7721Often we find ourselves saying this is an exciting time in the vineyard. Veraison is one of the true highlights of the year however. Veraison is a French word which has come to mean the onsite of grape ripening, but in all reality is the change of colour of the berries. It represents the transition from berry growth to berry ripening: up until now the grapes have been going through cell division and expansion,the initial phase of berry growth. As berry growth slows the lag phase takes over. The lag phase is not a physiological stage, but a designation between the two periods of berry development. This is when veraision occurs.

Up until this point the vineyard is a sea of green, with the grapes camoufluaged against a backdrop of leaves and shoots. From here on in it all changes, in the red varieties (Pinot Noir, Pinot Meunier) anthocyanin’s start to develop in the fruit which cause the fruit to change colour to blue/red/black, while in the whites they start to get a yellowish hue.

After we see the colour change it’s all about the sugar and acid. The sugar in the berries accumulate and the acidity levels drop. The tannins become less bitter-tasting and softer, the grapes become more palatable and finally we have something to show for the season.IMG_4031

Cameron Roucher – Vineyard Manager



  • Took a walk through some of the vines at Hattingley vineyard the other day… Verasion in abundance! So given the amazing scale of your estate you must all be incredibly excited!

    Here is a direct link to our latest quality website video for landscape visionary Ed Erith of Garden Eyte based in Rye:

    And here’s waht he had to say about it:
    “Just to say that the addition of the video to my website has seen an extraordinary amount of inquiries over and above anything I could have hoped at this time of year. In many ways this seems so far to have been the greatest single advertising investment I have ever made. You and Jess have been fabulous to work with – thoroughly professional, patient and great fun, and I hope there will be more films to come! I can’t thank you enough.”
    Eddie Erith / GardenEye

    I know you have ITN on board but we would still love to work on a video for and with you to create something wonderful!

    May the sun continue shining on you!

    Phil Howard-Jones

    Tel: 07968 973262

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