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Its been a while since I posted any wildlife images from the Estate.  The wildlife is always here, its just me being rather ad hoc.

But sometimes fate can throw funny things your way.  I’ve just received two images of wildlife from colleagues from other UK vineyards – so it would appear I don’t have to leave my desk to see what is out there!

The first was sent from Peter and Chris from Breaky Bottom asking me to identify this possible ‘egg sack or larval’ stage of an insect.  I’m always happy to help and in this instance, its actually a mould fungus growing on their wooden end post.  Quite surreal and rather awesome in its own individual way.

The second image was sent to me via the regional vineyards association from deep darkest East Sussex near Eridge from the Busi-Jacobsohn Wine Estate

This one was far more difficult as it shows a very worn specimen indeed and it took me a little longer to decipher.  In its broadest sense this is an Andrena bee and more than likely/possibly/I think, Andrena labialis.  These are mining bees.

I think I’ve found my after hours vocation in life – wildlife detective!

More images of wildlife from Rathfinny in the next installment….



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