Rathfinny Wine Estate

Guiding the experts!

Yesterday saw me venture on to our permissive footpath the Rathfinny Trail to lead a guided walk for 30 members of the Seaford Natural History Society.

Thankfully they brought the sun and Rathfinny ‘provided’ –  field madder, eyebright, round headed rampion, corn bunting, common blue butterfly, field scabious, yellow wort, birds foot-trefoil, wild thyme, marjoram, salad burnet, carline thistle, scarlet pimpernel, mouse ear hawkweed, common buzzard, green woodpecker, kestrel, peregrine, gold finch, skylark and a host of bees, both solitary and social.

The Trail is really vibrant at the moment, both in colour, sound and smell.  Walking in from either High and Over or from the north from Alfriston you can see the full expanse of the vineyard and then drop down to get up close and personal.

Everyone enjoyed themselves and I got to work on tanning my bald patch.  A good day had by all.



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